I am currently the curator of the herpetological collections of the two main Portuguese natural history museums – the Museum of Natural History and Science of the University of Porto (MHNC-UP) and the National Museum of Natural History and Science/Institute of Tropical Scientific Research (MUHNAC/IICT) of the University of Lisbon.

I also perform the functions of Chief Curator of MHNC-UP, having as main responsibility the management of all collections of the museum and the coordination of the main lines of research associated with them.

As a herpetologist, my work focuses mainly on the area of integrative systematics and taxonomy of African amphibians and reptiles. Since 2012 I have coordinated two major herpetological survey projects in São Tomé & Príncipe and Angola. To this end, I combine the study of collections available in natural history museums around the world with new expeditions for collection of specimens and data. In recent years I have described more than two dozen new species of amphibians and reptiles.