Monday, September 6 "New advances in shape and colour"

S33P Tail regeneration constrains body growth under low food availability in juvenile lizards. Irene Fernández-Rodríguez et al.

S42P Unsystematic species descriptions without large series of specimens or well supported genetic analysis may lead to taxonomic misidentification. Javier Lobon Rovira et al.

Wednesday, September 8 "Part 1 - Genetics for conservation"

S63P Assessment of the effects of wildfire ashes in the skin microbiome of Rana iberica. Laura Coelho et al.

S30P Population genomics of the colonisation of the loggerhead sea turtle in the western Mediterranean. Astrid Luna Ortiz et al.


Wednesday, September 8 "Part 2 - Direct human impacts""

S53P Results of the long-term monitoring of Testudo graeca with citizen science participation. Mª Carmen Martínez Pastor et al.

Friday, September 10 "Major threats: emerging diseases and pollutants"

S17P Behavioural responses to physiological stress in the amphisbaenian Blanus rufusPablo Recio et al.

S49P Prophylaxis protocol for tortoise fieldwork. Andrea Mira Jover et al.

Monday, September 13 “Landscape approaches”

S56P Wild boar and humans' role as ecosystem engineers on the conservation of two native frogs. Mónica Peliano et al.

S27P Vipers in the city; a study of a suburban Vipera seoanei population in the last agricultural area of A Coruña, Galicia (Spain). Ismael Espasadín et al.

S41P Seasonal dynamics of ground-dwelling anuran and lizard communities in a vegetation gradient of the Cerrado hotspot. Rafael Batista de Mendonça et al.

S58P How does grazing shape the effect of dry-stone walls on biodiversity? First insights. Joana M. Fernandes et al.

Wednesday, September 15 "Major threats: climate change and invasive species"

S37P  Sex-ratio de crías de tortuga careta en zonas de anidación emergente en España. Jose Luis Crespo-Picazo et al.

S60P  Decreased viability of Chelonia mydas nests due to sun exposure at Playa Tres, Costa Rica. Mafalda Naia et al.


S54P  Age determination of the California kingsnake (Lampropeltis californiae) in Gran Canaria. Selene Reverón Arteaga et al.

S55P  Uso del espacio y coexistencia de Podarcis bocagei y una poblacion introducida de Podarcis muralisCesar Ayres

S59P  O declínio de um sapo e a expansão de um lagostim invasor: Coincidência ou consequência? Bruno Calhau Pinto et al.


S62P Related variables to the roadkill probability of two amphibian species. Max Manuel Benito Smeele et al.